Available Editing Services

Structural editing: Also known as developmental or substantive editing, structural editing is a look at the big picture. I will consider genre, structure, plot, pacing, character development, point of view, voice, setting, and themes to help you best achieve your goals for the project and engage your audience.

Line editing: I will look closely at the paragraphs and sentences, making wording and grammar suggestions to polish them so that they convey your story with clarity, fluidity, emotional impact, and thematic meaning as aligned with your goals.

Copyediting: Comma rules and more! This one’s an edit for grammar, punctuation, and word usage (those tricky things that spellcheckers tend to miss). I use The Chicago Manual of Style. I do not do fact checking, though I can mark statements that I think should be checked. Copyediting should be completed before the manuscript is handed over to a designer.

Proofreading: This is the very last edit of a manuscript or proof to make sure there are no typos, missed punctuation, missed words, or design errors. Proofreading occurs when you have already had the work professionally copyedited and have a manuscript or proof that is as clean as you can make it. I bring both my knowledge of language and my knowledge of graphic design and typography to proofing. I will spot errors in both those areas.


Here’s what I’ll ask you to provide:

If we decide to work together, I will ask you to provide me with a hard copy of your project in standard manuscript style: double-spaced, 12 pt. Times font, 1.25-inch margins, paragraphs delineated with half-inch tabs (and not extra lines), page numbers and identifying information on every page, word count on the first page, printed single-sided. This format makes it easy for me to read your work and focus on the editing, and provides space for me to make notes.


Here’s what I’ll provide:

For edits that include structural editing and line editing: I will mark the pages with notes and also type up detailed summary comments. We will have a conversation (probably by phone) about those comments and the direction of your work.

For copyediting only or proofreading only: I will mark up the pages and possibly type up some brief summary comments. We will probably have a brief conversation by phone.


These are general guidelines. We will make a plan to effectively move your project forward from where it is now.

If you would like to discuss a project, please contact me using this form (messages go right to my email inbox) or call me at 510-556-4014.


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