One of the most powerful tools a writer can find is a good editor. The ideal editor listens to what the author wants to say and can help the author give the characters their true voice, while cleaning up POV splits, typos, unauthentic dialog that doesn’t fit the character, to say nothing of punctuation, tone, and consistency of setting and timelines.

When you find one of these chimeric creatures grab them and keep them your deepest, most valuable secret. Unfortunately, I like Karin too much to lock her in a dungeon as she completes my desires of spinning my straw into gold. So I’ll let you in on my secret—Karin Fisher-Golton is going to be one of the most highly sought Indie editors on the market. Reserve a place on her calendar now!

—Marik Berghs, author of Grace Notes (young adult novel)


My dream became her dream too. She immersed herself in my book and brought it alive. She’s truly amazing. I love the way she thinks. I know I was a challenge to work with because I really didn’t know what I didn’t know. Because of her, I’ve come a long way in my writing, and I am very grateful. Let me just say, she knows her stuff. I have five more books in my children’s book series to do, and I can’t imagine doing them without her. Whatever it is you’re writing, Karin will help you make it pop!

—Tamara Shiloh, author of Jaxon’s Magical Adventure with Black Inventors
and Scientists
(chapter book—book one of the series, “Just Imagine…
What If There Were No Black People in the World?”)


I’ve worked with Karin on two collections of my children’s stories, as well as my children’s novel, and have found her input invaluable. Knowledgeable, thoughtful, and astute, she has challenged me to make my language clearer, my characters deeper, and my stories more cohesive. Being a teacher and mom, she’s finely attuned to the sensibilities of children; being a writer, she’s full of creative suggestions. What’s more, she has a passionate sense of vocation about editing and is as meticulous as a perfectionist like me could possibly want, not to mention supportive, enthusiastic, and generous with her time.

—Callie Raab, author of The Poof! Academy, volumes I and II
(original fairy tale collections) and The Improbable
Voyage of the Poof! Academy
(middle grade novel)


Karin Fisher-Golton recently put my middle grade novel through an intensive structural editing process. I was most impressed with her grasp of my vision for the book, and how thorough she was in her critique. It was immensely helpful, reinforcing what was good as well as offering creative solutions to problems and suggesting areas for improvement. I found Karin a pleasure to work with, and very responsive and timely in her review of my manuscript. It is obvious that she knows kids’ books and has much to offer aspiring authors.

—Carol Angel, author of Gone Dog and Gone Again Dog (middle grade novels)


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