Editor’s Statement

Thank you for considering me to edit your project. I love the creative process and supporting others to have their visions become realities. I also love words and the way they are supported by their partners, punctuation and structure.

I have edited and critiqued others’ work over decades. I also have had my own work critiqued and edited over a similar time period. From those experiences one thing I firmly believe is this: the author is the author. In other words, ultimately, your writing is for you to direct. My job as an editor is to understand what you aim to accomplish and to help you achieve that through my expertise in children’s books and language. Anything I provide to you, whether an idea, convention, or rule, is yours to make a choice about, as the author.

I will have done my job well if my comments, notes, and suggestions help you bring your writing closer to reaching its audience in an engaging way, with the message and emotional impact you intended. I am told that I do this very well, and aspire to be even better.

Karin Fisher-Golton


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