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Karin loves sharing about her writing at schools, book stores, poetry readings, and other author events. Her presentation about My Amazing Day, includes discussions about how an idea became a book (with visuals) and the theme of gratitude, plus activities related to the book. Her presentations are enjoyable for very young children through adults. Contact her here to schedule an event.

Fairyland May 2017

Karin shares about My Amazing Day with activities and visuals at Oakland Fairyland’s Turn the Page! Children’s Book Festival, May 2017

Karin sharing about the making of My Amazing Day, with young helper, at JennyK gift shop, El Cerrito, CA, November 2014 (Photo by Stephen A. Fisher)

Karin reading My Amazing Day to preschoolers at El Cerrito Preschool Cooperative, May 2014

Karin reciting her poem “cracks” from The 2017 Richmond Anthology of Poetry at its book launch party, Kaleidoscope Cafe, Richmond, CA, December 2016. (Photo by Stephen A. Fisher)