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Stay Calm, Leave Room For Gratitude

(This post is identical to the one I posted earlier today on my book’s blog, The two blogs overlap so much, a merge may be forthcoming. Meanwhile, I want to share this here, too.) I’ve been noticing lately that … Continue reading

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Amazing May Posts

I started a blog on, the website for my book, My Amazing Day: A Celebration of Wonder and Gratitude. I’m launching with a month of daily posts about amazing things–clearly relevant topics to my Still in Awe Blog here. … Continue reading

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An Ekphrastic Pantoum on February 27

My children’s poets group is finishing up writing a poem a day for the month of February. When we started I wondered how many poems we would actually write. Turns out we’ve each written a poem a day, sometimes two. … Continue reading

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Metal Bowls and Memories

My family and I are making room for the coming multitude of My Amazing Day board books, so on Sunday we had a garage sale. We did fine with sales, but when it was over there was also quite a … Continue reading

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Goodbye and Thank You, Eastern Span of the Bay Bridge

I’m feeling sentimental about the eastern span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Today is the last day it will carry traffic. My earliest memories of the bridge are as a child, slumped in the back seat on long rides … Continue reading

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Butterfly Words

My love of butterflies began with language. One late spring day in 1997 I was on a group hike, celebrating a friend’s birthday. Someone saw a butterfly and mentioned that he liked the French word for it: “papillon.” I shared … Continue reading

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What’s Right in Front of You

I missed my cousin’s wedding yesterday. It was the union of two people I am so glad get to have a life together. Much of my family, including my husband and son, were there, but I stayed home nursing an … Continue reading

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