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A Grand Finale for the 2012 Oakland A’s

As folks paying attention to postseason baseball know, last night the Oakland A’s lost both their game and the American League Division Series to the Detroit Tigers. The Athletics’ 2012 season is over. I am disappointed, but I am, in … Continue reading

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The Oakland Athletics Are Fired Up

A lifelong Oakland A’s fan, I’m finding this season beyond thrilling. I don’t ever recall getting teary about a baseball game before, but it’s happened several times in the last two weeks as the A’s have defied expectation after expectation. … Continue reading

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Ichiro’s All-Star Feat

I love baseball for its graceful moments and its stories. One player who epitomizes both for me is Ichiro Suzuki. Perhaps I’m partial to him because he is short-statured like I am. He is big in his speed, grace, ability, … Continue reading

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