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Hey, Doodle, Doodle

Here’s a doodle ditty for Poetry Friday: Hey, Doodle, Doodle Hey, doodle, doodle, the sauce and the noodle, The wolf howled up with a tune, The little fish splashed to applaud such sound, And the fork rode away by balloon. … Continue reading

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Thank You, Bev Bos: a National Poetry Month Post

I don’t want to let National Poetry Month go by without posting a poem. It’s been a challenging month for computer time for me, but I’ve thought several times of posting a poem. One always comes to mind that I … Continue reading

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A Cento for National Poetry Month

My children’s poets group chose to write cento poems for our National Poetry Month project. For those who don’t know, a cento is like a poem collage. The poet takes exact lines from existing poems and arranges them to make … Continue reading

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A Rainbow in California, with Tanka

While most of this country was experiencing a snowy-stormy winter, here on the California coast we had an unusually balmy one. So last Monday morning, walking in some good ol’ San Francisco Bay Area fog seemed refreshing. I was surprised … Continue reading

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More February Poems

My poem-a-day-for-February month is winding up. As long as nothing unexpected happens by Saturday I’ll have written at least thirty poems this month. (So far there have been two days when I wrote two.) The experience has had an ease … Continue reading

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February Poems

We are past mid-February in the poem-a-day month I am sharing with my poetry group. As anticipated, I feel more at-ease with the project than I did last year–in fact the month seems to be going by a bit fast. … Continue reading

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A Poem a Day for February

Last year the members of my children’s poets group set out to write a poem a day in February. All four of us did just that. Some days one of us wrote two. On the last day I wrote a … Continue reading

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An Ekphrastic Pantoum on February 27

My children’s poets group is finishing up writing a poem a day for the month of February. When we started I wondered how many poems we would actually write. Turns out we’ve each written a poem a day, sometimes two. … Continue reading

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Butterfly Words

My love of butterflies began with language. One late spring day in 1997 I was on a group hike, celebrating a friend’s birthday. Someone saw a butterfly and mentioned that he liked the French word for it: “papillon.” I shared … Continue reading

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I Might Be an Elephant

The following poem is a little ditty I came up with while walking down a street, maybe 15 years ago. I often compose poems while walking. An elephant never forgets. An elephant never forgets. If you think an elephant forgets, … Continue reading

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